Free Drawing Bathroom CAD blocks library for architects.

AutoCAD models in DWG are presented in this section. The design project of the bathroom is aimed at creating an interior in which it is pleasant and convenient to be. Since the bathroom is characterized by high humidity, special requirements are imposed on its decoration.
But, despite this, an abundance of materials and design options allows you to create designer masterpieces and place in the bathroom not only plumbing equipment, but also decorative elements.

You will definitely find 2D drawings of the bathroom, bathrooms and showers, sinks, different projections of bathrooms, public toilets, urinals and much more. All the drawings in this section are made in different projections in the form of front, rear, top and side and in real sizes.
You can download free CAD blocks for a bathroom in AutoCAD without registering. Do not forget to tell your friends about this site! Create your highest quality designs with our drawings. The library of blocks for the bathroom is updated every day with unique files in the DWG format.

We try to update our database daily with interesting CAD drawings. We will be very grateful if you share our files with your friends. T
he most interesting design ideas are reflected in our drawings of the interiors of bathrooms. You can find original ideas for arranging bathrooms for every taste.