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Accessory – an optional item that accompanies something; belonging to something. Can enhance, decorate or complement something.

There are such types of accessories:

In military affairs, an accessory is an optional (additional) element of a flag (banner).
In clothes, an accessory is an item used to complement the appearance or style and is most susceptible to fashion trends, watches can also be an example of accessories.
In clothes, accessories give the costume completeness: a hat, a scarf, scarf, gloves, bag, tie, belt, wallet (purse), key holder, case, key chain, safety pin, safety pin and more.
A business accessory is part of the image of a business person: card holder, diary or organizer, fountain pen and more.
In the theater – objects of props or props.
In the visual arts – secondary, auxiliary details of the image.
In the interior – interior items that harmonize it, such as a vase, rug.

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In mobile communications, it is customary to call accessories all the accessories for a mobile phone, for example, a charger, a case or a handbag, a cord for carrying a phone around the neck, a rechargeable battery, key rings and jewelry for phones, antennas, standard and car, wired and wireless headsets, etc.
A gaming accessory is a piece of computer hardware used to play video games.
Car accessory (auto accessory) – an optional, auxiliary item or device for a car: steering wheel braid, clothes rack on a car seat, seat cover, door sill, air ionizer, panoramic lenses, a wheel stand, a wheel marker, a bumper on the bumper, car fridge, baby car seat and more.

Drum accessories – various devices and devices used by drummers.
All these types of accessories are presented on our website in the DWG format.